700Credit Dealer Customers,

Sell More Cars in Less Time with ID Drive

Pre-qualify and Prioritize Your Walk-ins

ID Drive from eLEND Solutions is an advanced identity solution - connected with 700Credit - enabling you to quickly authenticate and pre-qualify your showroom ups - with the swipe of a DL - at any point in your sales process. Performance Guaranteed.

Dealer Advantages


Protect Your Dealership

Authentication technology and purified information eliminates identity and financial risk.

No More Missed Opportunities

A 60 second workflow change ensures you capture and work so many more, often missed, in-store leads.

Faster Transaction Times

Technology automates several manual/paper-based steps in the process, reducing average transaction times by 45-60 minutes.

Sell More Cars

Pre-test drive, pre-qualified customers are typically ready to buy and have above average credit scores - resulting in >40% closing ratios.

Improved Customer Experience

A more modern, efficient, faster moving buying experience improves CSI by an average of 4pts.

Make More Money

Knowing the customers buying power upfront and putting the customer in the right deal structure and finance product, increases average PVR by $300

Special offer available only for 700Credit customers

How It Works

(Easy as 1-2-3)

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eLEND Data Export Icon

Intelligent Data Capture & Export

Instant DL capture is processed securely in the cloud – saving time and impressing customers. Exports captured information into any CRM platform. Option to append the vehicle of choice and sales agent as part of the lead record.

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ID Drive License-01

Automated ID Authentication

Performs 20+ forensic tests in real time for robust authentication - on any driver's license or issued in the United States, Canada, and Mexico + 160 other international jurisdictions. Includes management alerts and notifications.

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Finance Pre-Qualification

Optional pre-qualification feature converts a DL scan into a consumer consented pre-qualification. Lead information is exported into your CRM. Full credit report and FICO score pushed directly into DealerTrack or RouteOne for decisioning. 


Identity Verification

The premium package includes advanced identity verification features from 700Credit including Red Flag/Identity Match, fraud database search, synthetic fraud detection, OFAC database search, and MLA identification.



CORE Features:

  • Unlimited Driver License scans. No hidden fees.
  • Real-time authentication of any Driver License document.
  • Extracted information is de-duped and integrated
    with any pre-existing lead record.
  • Exports captured information into your CRM platform
  • Dashboard includes activity reporting by sales person.
  • Money back performance guarantee


All CORE Package Features Plus:

  • Converts a DL scan into consumer consented pre-qualification
  • SS# not required. No impact on the customers credit.
  • Includes FULL credit report and live FICO score.
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Simplified compliance requirements
    Credit Score Notice not Required
    Risk Based Pricing Notice not required
    Firm Offer of Credit not required
    No Adverse Action requirement
  • Compliance Cost Savings
  • DL data and images are stored on our ‘certified’ secure servers
    for 7 years.


All ADVANCED Package Features Plus:  

  • ID Match verifies the name and address of a person applying for financing
  • Synthetic Fraud Detection to protect your customers and your store
  • OFAC Checks screen all of your customers against the government databases
  • Red Flag Alerts detect if suspicious or negative activity occurred on an individual’s credit report
  • MLA identifies current active military members

What Our Customers are Saying

huntington dealership

“In the first month, we scanned nearly 900 driver’s licenses. Nearly 50% opted for pre-qualification and we converted 36% of those into a sale – making it one of our highest performing and most profitable channels.”

huntington logo

Huntington Beach Dodge
Huntington Beach, CA

benny boyd dealership

”ID Drive™ and our new “it must be scanned” process means far more leads are getting captured and worked. And for our dealerships It’s been HUGE: it’s led directly to a 10% increase in sales – or, about 50 incremental car sales a month.”

benny boyd logo

Benny Boyd Automotive
Lampasas, TX

hilltop dealership

“We are in Richmond CA, High rate of fraud and crime....Can't put a number on the amount of money we have saved with eLEND’s ID Drive™ just in stopping fraud alone!!”

hilltop logo

Hilltop CDJR
Richmond, CA

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