About eLEND Solutions

DealerCentric Solutions® Inc. (dba eLEND SolutionsTM) is a privately-held automotive FinTech company focused on providing a simplified vehicle purchase process for the retail automotive industry.

Our platform specializes in online and in-store digital credit, identity, and finance solutions designed to deliver qualified, penny-perfect finance terms at the front of the sales process. By changing when and how the shopper is introduced to realistic payment information and dealership financing options, the combination of technology and data enable the dealer and the customer to come together much faster.

By design, eLEND Solutions industry agnostic platform includes workflows and bi-lateral integrations that positively impact every aspect of the customer buying experience, without competing with the dealers existing platform providers or requiring any switching costs. The result is a more efficient, faster moving sales and finance workflow that sells more cars at higher profits in less time – benefitting dealers, lenders, and consumers.

What Sets eLEND Solutions Apart


  • 180 years combined leadership experience in automotive, finance and technology

  • We’ve processed millions of credit apps for thousands of dealers

  • Specialized in high performing digital credit ‘lead conversion’ solutions

  • Certified partner with all Credit Repositories

  • Access to full credit file, certified to store and able to parse

  • U.S. Patent for Computer Implemented Finance Management Routing System


  • Rules-based finance decision engine enabling penny-perfect, lender fundable deal structuring - online or in-store, prior to the F&I handoff

  • All options are matched to full credit spectrum loan programs

  • Engine accommodates a limitless number of lenders, programs, parameters, rules, guidelines and credit tiers

  • Hybrid digital finance platform includes direct integrations with CRM platforms and Finance/Desking Tools

  • Industry neutral, open architecture includes real time API interfaces and robust bi-lateral integrations


  • Advanced credit filtering and calculation logic for all makes, all models, new and used, all terms and all credit tiers.

  • Combined vehicle (down to the Model ID #) and Consumer (full credit file) qualified lease or finance rate, term and payment quoting

  • All rates and residuals are matched to credit tier bands.

  • Includes all incentives (including compatibility and stack-ability rules)

  • Includes all taxes tied to the jurisdiction, dealer specific fee structures - and dealer participation.

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