What Our Customers are Saying

Hughes Subaru

“We are loving CreditPlus. We have seen an increase in credit applications on our website, and we have seen an increase in appointments due to the pre-approval notification to customers.. Even without the improved numbers, the back end tool is amazing. I would definitely recommend eLEND to anyone that asks.”


Athens, GA

Team Toyota

"I have used eLEND Solutions at 11 dealership locations over the course of the past 6 years. In addition to being one of our best sources of quality leads, I've also found their CreditPlus program to be the best overall value for a website plug-in credit application solution."


Langhorne, PA


"I am so extremely passionate and excited about CreditPlus that I know we’ll just kill it for this dealership. This is a fantastic product that simply stands-out as one if not the finest of products in this industry."


Indianapolis, IN

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