DealerCentric Launches ID DriveTM: Gives Dealerships Ironclad Protection Against Epidemic of Fake IDs and Identity Theft

With one ID scan, robust customer information is put in motion; sales and financing processes are jumpstarted, and time-to-close gets slashed.


Mission Viejo, CA – August 5, 2013 – DealerCentric Solutions, the consumer finance management system innovator, today launched ID DriveTM, a patent-pending ID scanner technology that gives dealerships the most powerful protection against fake IDs and identity theft imaginable. ID theft is now a national epidemic, and more criminals are using fake IDs to test-drive, and even buy, cars. Developed in partnership with AssureTec Technologies, the world leader in ID authentication technology, ID DriveTM is the first solution that gives dealerships the same, state-of-the art protection used by Homeland Security and the military.


With one scan at ID DriveTM, dozens of complex tests for thousands of ID types are automatically performed, leading to instant validation or red flags going up. But the dealer benefits don’t stop there: with that one swipe, a customer’s information is put into serious action: it’s extracted, purified and enhanced, and can be pushed into a dealer’s CRM and finance systems. The customer, the vehicle, any pre-existing lead or credit app data, the sales and F& I departments, and sales management are all electronically connected and able to communicate. So, when that test-driver returns, the right deal structure can already be in place, shrinking time-to-close by hours.


“The ID thieves hitting dealerships today are super-sophisticated and so is their technology. But dealer ID verification processes aren’t. With all that endless photocopying, barcode-scanning and verification calling, they have remained in the Dark Ages, powerless against this fast-growing and incredibly costly problem,” said Pete MacInnis, CEO of DealerCentric. “ID Drive may be small and sit on a desk, but it’s the most potent anti-fraud and test-drive security solution ever invented for dealerships.”


National & Dealership Epidemic: ID theft is an American epidemic. According to the FBI, it has overtaken the drug trade as the most costly U.S. crime. More than 267 million consumer records were exposed, and a record, 60 million pieces of personal ID wound up in the hands of identity thieves,[1] last year. And more dealerships are reporting that more fraudsters are presenting impeccable-looking (fake) IDs for test-drives, and then driving off…or even successfully purchasing vehicles with them.


The government requires dealers to take steps to flag identity fraud. But dealerships use barcode scanners, which can only verify that data is present on a card, not that it’s valid. And dealers are forced to make time-consuming calls to organizations like the DMV to verify identities, but most cars are bought on weekends when these organizations are closed. It’s becoming an increasingly expensive, scary problem: some lenders are now requiring dealers to buy back ID-theft-related deals.


ID Drive’s Extreme Technology: ID DriveTM was created through an exclusive auto retailing partnership with AssureTec Technologies, which is the ID authentication solution chosen by the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State, the NYPD and DMVs nationwide. ID DriveTM incorporates the world’s most powerful ID-scanning hardware and software and customizes it for auto retailers, so they have the extreme technology they need to fight back against the fake ID wave.
ID Drive, Powered by AssureTec:


  • Performs 50 complex forensic tests for 2,500+ global ID types…in less than six seconds.
  • Extracts all biometric and alphanumeric data in the document, and then authenticates it using its proprietary document forensics library and detection algorithms.
  • Relentlessly examines not only visible ID properties, but also those undetectable to the eye, like: ultraviolet (UV) and near-infrared (NIR) properties, guilloche, optically variable device (OVD) presence, embossing, perforation, retro-reflective laminate background patterns and overlay patterns.


“We’re excited that ID Drive will bring our potent fraud protection technology into the nation’s dealerships – who so desperately need it,” said Stephen Maloney, President of AssureTec. “In our research we identified DealerCentric as a premier alliance partner for the auto retailing space, and the company that can best execute on integrating our patented forensic technology into the many complex aspects of the dealership sales process.”


Streamlining Sales & F&I with a Swipe: ID DriveTM does more than deliver ironclad ID fraud protection to dealers. The core aspect of its patent-pending functionality is that with one swipe of an ID pre-test-drive, rich customer data is put in motion. That customer’s data is purified and enhanced, and can be exported into the dealership’s CRM and finance systems. This means that the historically un-integrated test-drive, sales and financing processes are finally electronically synched. Which also means that sales and F&I are armed and ready when that test-driving customer returns, which can radically reduce the entire sales process from 3 hours to 45 minutes. Test drive leads never get dropped, more test-drives convert to sales, and ID DriveTM also includes test-drive reporting by volume, time, make/model and salesperson.


“At DealerCentric we’re on a mission to innovate solutions that will make the test-drive-to-sales-to-financing process radically more efficient for both dealers and their customers,” said MacInnis. “ID Drive is a key component in what will ultimately be the first end-to-end dealership solution that bridges the gap between the auto sales and financing processes, at the point of sale.”


About DealerCentric Solutions:

DealerCentric, founded in 2003, develops next-generation consumer finance management systems that benefit dealers, lenders and consumers. Its mission: to invent new technology platforms that can finally bring financing to the front of the sales process, and put the right customer in the right vehicle and loan, at the point of sale. The company’s original Get Pre-Approved in Seconds solution is established as the auto industry’s leading online credit application product.



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[1] Open Security Foundation data, 2013

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