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  • CreditPlus Product News (Free Enhancements) – Showroom Credit Express – a variety of digital in-store credit app options for new or returning customers. You can use one, multiple or all of the options, at no additional charge. Many of our customers are already taking advantage of this no-charge enhancement and having great success.
  • Product Bundle – ID Drive: Electronic lead capture. Authenticate your shoppers’ identity. Validate name, address and DOB. Pre-qual your shoppers. All with the swipe of a DL. All in 60 seconds or less.
  • Coming Soon – CreditHub – FinTech platform that collaboratively connects the credit applicant information with the deal into a single dashboard view for the Desk Manager. Brings together the lead info, credit profile, trade and vehicle of choice info, and deal structure into a central information hub. Includes bi-lateral integrations with all platforms in the sales and finance deal flow.
  • Incentive – Dealer Referral Program – $300 Credit to subscription invoice or Charity of Choice for Dealer Referral Activation.