In the (sort of) Post-Pandemic New Normal, What are the Roadblocks to Successful Digital Retailing?

What is getting in the way? Nearly one third are hardcore Digital Retailing resisters….

Is DR Lead Gen or Deal Gen? Too Close to Call!

Just over half of dealers are digitizing steps of the purchase process, while the other half are using it primarily for lead gen. Dealers can be slow to evolve, and weaning them off their addiction to, and obsession with, lead generation will take a minute.


It’s the People, People!

The biggest barriers to a successful DR transformation are people issues (i.e., lack of leadership, resistance to change, staffing mismatches, recruitment issues). Technology comes in second, followed by the required process changes, specifically re-engineering operations and workflows.


For OEMs and dealers, selecting and onboarding the necessary digital retail technology to deliver a frictionless experience, that doesn’t require a visit to the dealership, is a massive undertaking, and this is reflected in the survey responses.

Technology Challenges

Finding the right technology to power the entire transaction online is the single biggest ‘technology’ challenge cited:


DR Resisters Are Outnumbered

Over two-thirds of dealers agree that ‘Offering digital path-to-purchase capabilities for customers is critical to their retail success,’ but nearly 30% disagree.



The good news for DR? Dealers overwhelmingly agree that a digital path to purchase is key to retail success, and are gradually shifting to view DR as ‘deal’ versus ‘lead’ generation. The bad news? Until dealers confront, and solve, their 'people' issues - and implement technology that truly supports a digital path to purchase - getting to that digital-driven retail success remains a challenge.