eLEND Pandemic Sales

The Great Leap Forward in Digital Retailing Adoption:
Blessing or a Curse?

Covid-19 hit like a shock wave in March 2020, initially shutting down dealerships and then impelling dealers to embrace change and adopt digital retailing as a low-touch transaction alternative. A new survey from eLEND Solutions asks dealers about the pandemic’s impact on operations and digital retailing adoption—and if the result was a blessing, a curse or both.

How Has the Pandemic Changed Sales Operations?

Nine months after the initial pandemic shutdown, the vast majority of auto dealerships (73%) reported having both open showrooms AND remote deliveries.


Did the Pandemic Accelerate DR Adoption?

Clearly, the need for a more contactless process compelled a digital change that had been brewing for some time: dealers overwhelmingly agreed that the pandemic drove DR adoption.



Of Dealers Said
Yes, the Pandemic
Accelerated Adoption
of DR


What Are the Results of Pandemic-Driven DR Adoption?

Dealers report that they not only achieved an acceleration in transaction times, something they have
been saying they wanted for years—but this rapid adoption of DR appears to have avoided what dealers
have long feared—negative impact on PVR.


So, what Is the Auto Dealership ‘New Normal’?

Dealers were asked if the digital change driven by the pandemic is going to stick as they evolve into a new
normal? The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, 90% will continue digital retailing at their dealership.


Pandemic: Blessing or Curse?

So, is there a silver lining in the business challenges presented by the pandemic? Auto dealers appear to think so, especially in light of the positive impact DR has had on transaction times and PVR.



Of Dealers View the
Pandemic as Both a
Curse and a Blessing
That Forced Them
to Innovate


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