Quickly Authenticate and Pre-Qualify your Showroom Ups - With the Swipe of a DL

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Auto retailing is a numbers game: 50% of callers turn into appointments – 50% of those show up – 15% of test-drives turn into sales...ID Drive™  has really boosted sales from the ‘show-ups’ and the test-drivers...and who would have imagined the impact it would have on our bottom-line?

 - Benny Boyd CDJR, Andrews, TX

What Our Customers are Saying

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Bayway Auto Group

Houston, TX

The ID DRIVE scanner eLEND Solutions provides us has been invaluable.   Just last month, we had 4 people arrested in our Group.   2 were from fake temporary licenses, but 2 were real looking Texas Driver Licenses that were fraud.  Use me as any reference all that you need.

Bayway Jeep
huntington dealership
huntington logo
Hunting Beach CDJR

Huntington Beach, CA

In the first month, we scanned nearly 900 driver’s licenses. Nearly 50% opted for pre-qualification and we converted 36% of those into a sale – making it one of our highest performing and most profitable channels.

Benny Boyd CDJR

Bastrop, TX

As Compliance Officer, I appreciate that ID Drive™  removes the piles of photocopied IDs sitting on desks. Because it’s a digitized ID record trail, it removes lot of pieces of ID once left in plain sight.

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hilltop dealership
hilltop logo
Hilltop CDJR

Richmond, CA

The sales team love the convenience of being able to save time and time equals money on having the capability of running a soft pull by just scanning there license and being able to guide our customers to the right car the first time.

benny boyd logo
Benny Boyd CDJR

Lampasas, TX

ID Drive™  captures exactly what’s on the license – and all that info is poured in our CRM tool – all documents are correct. We don’t have titles kicked back anymore – and it’s saving us money, time and hassles.

benny boyd dealership