Sell More Cars in Less Time

Conveniently authenticate and pre-qualify your walk-ins within 60 seconds - at any point in your sales process. Capture and work more leads. Sell more cars faster. Performance Guaranteed.



of your store traffic will walk in without any prior contact (chat, email, lead form or phone call) with your dealership.

Accelerate Your Sales Process.

ID Drive is the easiest way to sell more cars in less time. Within 60 seconds, ID Drive’s technology replaces several manual, time consuming steps in the sales process. – shaving 60 minutes or more off average transaction times.


Sell More Cars

+40% closing ratios


Faster Transaction Times

60 Minute Reduction in Average Transaction Times


Make More Money

$300 Gross Profit Increase per Car Sold


Improved Customer Experience

4pt increase in CSI

Based on case study results and known customer averages

PreQualify and Prioritize Your Walk-ins.

How It Works

(Easy as 1-2-3)

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eLEND Data Export Icon

Intelligent Data Capture & Export

Instant DL capture is processed securely in the cloud – saving time and impressing customers. Exports captured information into any CRM platform. Option to append the vehicle of choice and sales agent as part of the lead record.

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ID Drive License-01

Automated ID Authentication

Performs 50+ forensic tests in real time for robust authentication - on any driver's license or any other government issued ID from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico + 225 other countries. Includes management alerts and notifications.

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Finance Pre-Qualification

Optional pre-qualification feature converts a DL scan into a consumer consented pre-qualification. Pushes the customers credit app info, full credit report and FICO score directly into DealerTrack or RouteOne.

In the first month, we scanned nearly 900 driver’s licenses. Nearly 50% opted for pre-qualification and we converted 36% of those into a sale – making it one of our highest performing and most profitable channels

Huntington Beach CDJR


No More Missed Opportunities

ID Drive ensures you capture and work so many more, often missed, in-store leads.


Performance Guarantee

Not only is the ID DriveTM "scanner" guaranteed to work – but If an authenticated license turns out to be fraudulent and results in a stolen vehicle, eLEND will reimburse you for the cost of the lost vehicle.


The most advanced data capture and identity verification solution in the industry

Connected Workflows
  • Exports your customers purified information and DL images directly into all major CRM's. Option to append lead record with vehicle of choice and assigned salesperson.
  • Pushes the customers credit app info, full credit report and FICO score directly into DealerTrack or RouteOne.
Faster Transaction Times
  • Digital data capture & export
  • Digital pre-qualifications
  • Paperless credit
  • Eliminates DL photocopying
  • Reduced contracting errors
Live Credit Data
  • Choice of hard-pull or soft-pull options.
  • Includes full credit report file (Not selective attributes) and real-time score (Not a score range) for all pulls for all bureaus
Alerts, Notifications & Reporting.
  • Alerts to management for failed or caution license scans.
  • Notifications to any designated users about new ID scans
  • Dashboard manages the test-drive workflow. Includes activity reporting by salesperson.
Protects Your Dealership
  • Partnered with the same ID authentication solution used for the Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, and border patrols all over the world
  • Authentication technology and purified information eliminates identity and financial fraud risks.
  • Consumer Privacy Law Compliant
  • DL data and images are stored on our ‘certified’ secure servers for 7 years.
Committed to Your Success
  • Live Customer Support with after hours number
  • Ongoing training and optimizations
  • Month to month contract. No annual commitment required.
  • Performance guarantee