Agent / Independent Contractor Program

eLEND’s suite of Credit, Identification and Finance solutions provide both up-front commissions along with residual income opportunities for Agents/Independent Contractors.  More importantly, our solutions are synergistically aligned with the core product offerings you provide your dealers.

In today’s economically uncertain environment, when affordability represents the biggest challenge to car buyers and monthly payments matter more than the selling price, ensuring that quoted payments are accurate is critical to modern retailing success.

Our hybrid pre-desking platform matches the customer, vehicle-of-choice, and deal structure to lender fundable contact terms prior to the F&I handoff.   Early realistic payment quoting, frictionless and transparent negotiation, and faster transitions to F&I creates more time to sell - positively impacting product penetration and profitability,

Agent/IC Benefits

  • Digital Pre-desking innovation
  • Synergistic with your code business
  • Commission plus residual income

Dealer Benefits

  • Fewer rewrites & unwinds
  • Higher F&I product sales
  • Faster approvals, Cleaner funding

Are you looking for ways to bring new value to your existing relationships, increase earnings and tap into a re-occurring revenue stream? Our Agent / IC Program allows you to offer your dealer customers and prospects industry best Credit, Identity and Desking solutions, while allowing you to operate independently - under your own brand and company.

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