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Stand out where your customers start out. The consumer’s credit is directly correlated to the customer experience. The majority of customers who fill out your credit application are looking for an instant credit decision. They are looking for a “yes.” You want to qualify and prioritize your website visitors. And your showroom walk-ins. You want to sell cars.

Offering both hard and soft pull options, CreditPlus delivers the best performing and most secure dealership credit reporting solutions in the industry. We work with 3,000+ rooftops, all Brands, all major CRM’s, DealerTrack, RouteOne and plug into any website platform. We also partner with the three leading credit report companies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – and all major credit resellers.

Think like your customer. Make a good first impression. Not all credit reporting solutions are created equal. Get unrivaled flexibility, control and results from your credit reporting solution.

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We work with 3,000+ rooftops, all Brands, all major CRM‘s, DT, RO and plug into any website platform.

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Norm Reeves

#1 Volume Honda Dealer in the Country

The quality of the lead has improved dramatically using the CreditPlus program and our volume of credit applications is up about 50%.

Longo Toyota

#1 Volume Toyota Dealer in the Country

eLEND Solutions’ CreditPlus program has increased our own website’s finance applications by 400%. At the same time, we’ve improved the quality of our communications with our guests, as well as the sales closing ratio of our third party leads.

Towbin Dodge

#1 Volume Dodge Dealer in the Country

We tried knock off products of the CreditPlus program. They did not work! This real deal generates over 500 apps for us each month.

Carson Pro’s Kia

#1 Volume KIA Dealer in the Country

CreditPlus is by far the best product we use with ROI taken into consideration. Recently one of my stores sold 39 deals with this tool for $83,000 from an investment of less than $400–need I say more?

Hyundai of New Port Richey

#1 Volume Hyundai Dealer in the Country

We bring in hundreds of online applications quarterly and the value you get for the price of the CreditPlus program is bar none the best in the industry. It integrates with all of our other technology platforms and setting it up is seamless and easy with a great customer support team.

Universal City Nissan

#1 Volume Nissan Dealer in the Country

We received 550 quality leads in one month from the CreditPlus program. At a cost of $.54 per lead, this is not a misprint!



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Your digital retailing strategy should include the highest converting credit app. Calculate for yourself the value and ROI CreditPlus can deliver for your dealership.

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