CreditPlus Showroom Testimonials

Credit Solutions (SHOWROOM)

Genes_CDJR genes_400_1

Gene’s CDJR

Fairbanks, AK

“We incorporated the CreditPlus Showroom App into our ‘write-up’ process and its worked GREAT!! It’s an easy, fluid process and a much more efficient way of handling the customer application. I highly recommend it!”


Ed Morse Automotive Group

Delray, FL

“Once we realized how quickly and easily it integrated with our existing credit bureau software, we even started using the tool in the showroom, rather than relying on handwritten credit applications. In the digital arena, the constant barrage of offerings can get overwhelming. It was nice to try, and now come to rely on, a platform as effective as eLEND Solutions.”

Ed-Morse-Auto-Group-Sawgrass_1 Longo longo

Longo Toyota

El Monte, CA

“eLEND’s Credit Solutions are a key component of our Digital Retailing strategies and has enabled us to offer a totally paperless credit experience for our in-store customers. They have been a great business partner, allowing us to move towards a fully digital experience for our guests.”


Nissan of Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa, CA

“eLEND Solutions has given us the tools to streamline the buying experience in our busy store. Their support team is top-notch and the people are all super friendly! The products are worth so much more than their small price tags, and we are thrilled with the eLEND experience!”

Costa-Mesa-Nissan-min-min Rotolo-Chevrolet-min Rotolo_Chevy-min

Rotola Chevrolet

Fontana, CA

“For my Internet Sales dept this tool is an essential part of our process! We use this tool everyday to serve our customers needs! It’s simple to navigate for our employees as well as our clients. The tool integrates into our CRM system without any issues. The customers love anything that saves time at the dealership!”


Toyota of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI

“Overall the “Get Pre-Qualified in Seconds” application has worked well for us. We used to do a lot of paper applications but the online dashboard is much quicker to submit and access. Customers overall find it quite convenient as well.”