Revolutionizing the Car Buying Experience: Eliminate Finance Frictions

The automobile retail industry finds itself at an important intersection, where information disparities and the siloed deal flow add frictions – creating the foundation for a less-than-ideal car buying experience. In Part 1 of this two-part blog series, we unpacked the paradox of AI-driven pricing and its impact on transparency and the transaction. In this…

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AI and the Car Buying Process: Enhancing or Hindering?

Part 1: The Quest for Clarity In an era where technology promises to streamline and enhance the car buying process, our newest survey of dealers and lenders unveils a critical paradox. The integration of AI-driven pricing decisions, coupled with diminishing lender transparency, is casting a spotlight on significant discrepancies that are adversely affecting the consumers…

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Digital Finance Transformation: 4 Key Innovations

photo - speed of finance digital transformation for dealers

If you are in the business of selling cars or managing a successful dealership, you already know digital innovations have already fundamentally changed the way cars are bought and sold.  Whether it’s enhancing customer buying experiences, streamlining workflows or driving profitability – the future of car sales is here, and it’s digital. Beyond digital retailing,…

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Innovate Your Automotive Desking Software Strategies

automotive desking software

Uncovering the transformative impact of automotive desking software strategies and the pivotal role of pre-desking tools in refining sales processes and elevating dealership customer interactions. Join us in exploring the dynamics of automotive desking software systems and their integration with pre-desking tools for a streamlined retail experience and more profitable transactions. Automotive Desking Software In…

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The Essential Digital Finance Software Checklist for Automotive Digital Retailing

Digital finance software checklist

As dealers continue adapting to evolving customer expectations and the digitized car buying journey, the path to embracing a comprehensive digital retailing (DR) solution can seem complex and fraught with potential pitfalls. In its purest form, DR offers a comprehensive solution, enabling customers to self-direct their car buying process online. The entire transaction sequence, from…

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How To Choose The Right Digital Finance Platform For Your Dealership

digital finance platform

There probably isn’t a dealer out there who hasn’t been approached with a dizzying array of shiny objects under the ‘Digital Retailing/Digital Finance Platform’ label, purporting to do anything from solving each friction point in the dealership sales and finance process to putting a man on the moon (well, the last one is not true,…

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Incremental changes can bring a mini revolution

Have you heard that customers hate the car buying process? I thought so. Fact is, lately it’s hard to avoid the constant sound of critical voices telling dealers they must make dramatic changes to the way they operate their business. It goes something like this: Change everything you’ve ever known about the car business, then…

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