Tips to Give Your Customers the Best Buying Experience

Selling vehicles can be a hard business. Though people need cars every day, most people don’t buy them often. Instead, the fix their old ones until it is no longer feasible.

Since people don’t buy new (or used) vehicles often, there is a lot of competition between car lots and dealerships. When people do decide to upgrade, they often take their time and look around before making a purchase.

One way to increase your sales is to ensure that your customers have the best buying experience possible so here are some tips to do this.

Have convenient hours. Too many dealerships are inconvenient to visit, so people just pass right by them. Make sure that you are open in the evening (at least one or two times a week) so people can shop after work. Be open (and well-staffed) on Saturdays. You will probably get most of your sales on the Saturdays so imagine if you were closed!

Price your vehicles right. Though most people want to haggle over the prices of the vehicles, if you price them too high, you are going to miss out on many interested buyers who simply can’t afford it at the current price. Instead, have a lowest price offer so that your customers know that they are getting a good deal.

Train your salespeople right! It is important to train your salespeople to excel in this business. Though people don’t like pushy salespeople, they like seeing a smiling face who is willing to help them (when they are ready).

Have a family friendly showroom. If your customers are going to have to spend any time waiting, it is important that they feel at home. If they are comfortable and have the right amenities, they will not be so upset by the wait. For this reason, you should offer complimentary refreshments (and even snacks), as well free Wi-Fi and even a play area for their children.

Offer financing. Most people want convenience. If you can offer financing, your customers can choose a vehicle and take it home right away. They won’t have to go home (where they will have time to change their mind) and find their own loan. People are more likely to buy vehicles when they can take them home the same day.

Offer service too. Though you may be in the business of selling vehicles, you should think about offering services packages for every vehicle sold. Imagine the revenue you could get by offering packages to keep these vehicles running well!

Even better, offer free service packages. Though this might not sound good for business, by offering free services, your customers will continue to come back to you. While there, they may decide that they need more work done, which you can do, bringing in even more money.

If you want to sell more vehicles, you may have to go above and beyond what is expected. Make sure that you have a staff of well-trained sales people who are not going to be too pushy but are available to those who need it. You may need to be open later in the evenings, as well as weekends in order to serve as many people as possible.

You should also consider offer financing. Not only does this mean that your customers will be able to take their vehicle home the same day, it also doesn’t allow them to change their mind! You may also want to think about servicing the vehicles you sell, even if you have to give away some for free, your customers will remember you and continue to come back!

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Pete brings over 40+ years of experience in automotive finance and technology as Founder and CEO of eLEND Solutions™. Founded in 2003 as DealerCentric®, Pete is leading the company’s evolution to an automotive FinTech platform focused on deal generation solutions that power transactional digital buying experiences for the retail automotive industry.

The platform specializes in hybrid digital credit, identity, and finance solutions - designed to accelerate conversions of digital end-to-end purchase experiences - concluding with a transactional, fundable deal structure.

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