eLEND Solutions Unveils Showroom Credit Express, a Suite of In-Store Digital Credit App Solutions

Foothill Ranch, CA – January 17, 2019 – eLEND Solutions™, specialists in online and in-store credit and finance solutions for auto dealers, today unveiled, Showroom Credit Express, a significant enhancement to its popular online credit platform, CreditPlus. Showroom Credit Express offers a suite of digital in-store credit decisioning solutions that give dealers and consumers revolutionary efficiencies, flexibility and control of the credit experience at the dealership.


Showroom Credit Express offers four digital credit options:

(1)   Consumer Portal, for new customers and returning customers who have previously started a credit application online

(2)   Digital Showroom, a long form application for new customers

(3)   Showroom Quick App, a short form application for new customers

(4)   Cash Buyer Quick App, a short form for cash buyers for OFAC check


All options are web-based and require no platform login – meaning all options are easily accessible via a standalone URL from any screen (desktop, kiosk, mobile device) and all operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows) – allowing consumers to drive themselves through the credit experience at the dealership.

“‘Time kills deals’ is a dealer adage that remains true. Filling out paper credit applications just to have to key them in moments later to send to the bank is grossly inefficient, not to mention that today’s buyers want to do as much as they can before coming into the dealership,” said Marcus Barnes of Jupiter Chevrolet, Garland, TX. “Standard web forms don’t really cut it because they don’t connect the dots to the store and they don’t keep compliance. For these reasons, and more, we’ve made eLEND Solutions new digital showroom applications an integrated part of our buying solution.”

Unlike other digital credit apps available to dealers, with the Showroom Credit Express Consumer Portal, consumers are able to re-access and finalize a CreditPlus application they may have started online – for example, adding references and banking information required for loan funding. For walk-ins, first-time applicants can access and initiate the process anytime, anywhere – including on their own smartphone – while in the dealership.  All four self-service options give consumers the control and participation in the process they crave – while eliminating the unengaged wait time they dislike. In addition, process bottlenecks and inefficiencies that are commonly associated with long-form paper applications and salesperson data entry are eliminated.

As part of eLEND Solutions’ ongoing mission to provide a simplified vehicle purchase process for the retail automotive industry – current and future CreditPlus subscribing dealers can choose one, multiple or all Showroom Credit Express options – for no additional charge or fee. Additionally, all options seamlessly integrate with all major CRM platforms, include secure digital storage with easy access to all disclosures and consent (permissible purpose), and include an option for digital signature capture.

“CreditPlus was developed to enhance dealers’ existing credit application processes so it works better for everyone – consumers, salespeople and the F&I department. Upgrading it with in-showroom digital access ‘anytime, anywhere’ was a logical extension,” said Pete MacInnis, eLEND Solutions’ CEO. “eLEND’s focus is to deliver tools that keep dealers doing what they do best – selling cars – while helping them improve profitability per car sold, and the consumer experience.”

CreditPlus, which delivers among the industry’s best performing and most secure dealership credit reporting solutions, works with 2,000+ dealership rooftops, has integrations with all major CRM & Inventory platforms, including DealerTrack and RouteOne – and is partnered with all 3 credit bureaus and all credit resellers

eLEND Solutions will be demonstrating Showroom Credit Express at NADA Booth #6553W


About eLEND Solutions

eLEND Solutions™ (DealerCentric rebranded) is re-platforming from a company specialized in credit solutions to a FinTech SaaS and DaaS company focused on providing a simplified vehicle purchase process for the retail automotive industry. The advantage of their industry neutral credit and finance decisioning solutions is a more efficient, faster-moving Sales and F&I deal-flow that sells more cars at higher profits in less time – benefitting dealers, lenders and consumers.


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