Auto Dealership Sales Tips: Becoming A Better Salesperson

Having a job in auto sales is definitely exciting. Anything can happen on any given day, and you will meet a variety of people on a daily basis. As a salesperson, you will probably purchase many sales training books and videos that you hope will help you become a better salesperson.

You know that you are a good person and that you are honest, but you run into customers who talk to you like you have already done something wrong. Why is that? As a salesperson, you have to overcome certain stereotypes. The people who come to your dealership have already visited some dealerships where they were treated unfairly.

The truth of the matter is, many people just do not believe anything that auto salespeople say. However, you can change the way people feel about your dealership and your salespeople. Sometimes, you should quickly assume that the person who has just parked on your lot has just had an awful experience at another auto dealership. This will give you a chance to change the way you will attempt to sell a vehicle, and you will likely change the way people feel about car salespeople in general.

How can you give a potential customer a different outlook on auto dealerships? How can you get them to feel like an experience at your auto dealership will be unlike any other experience?

Who Is The Customer?

At many auto dealerships, the first thing a salesperson will do is introduce himself or herself. Unfortunately, they will not ask for the customer’s name in the beginning. To you, your name is probably the best word that can come out of someone’s mouth. Don’t you think your customer feels the same way? You can change your entire sales process by introducing yourself and asking the customer for his or her name.

  • Welcome the customer to your dealership
  • Introduce yourself
  • Ask for the customer’s name
  • Proceed to help the customer

Keep Your Ears Open

You probably wanted to get into the auto dealership sales business because you felt like you were an honest and friendly person who people love being around. You love to talk, especially when the conversations is a great one. In order to be a successful salesperson, you should not just talk. You will also need to know how to listen. When you open your ears to listen, you will realize that you will have a much better understanding of what they are looking for and what they need from you.

Keep Your Eyes Open

We are sure you are already aware of how important eye contact is. Unfortunately, many salespeople forget to make eye contact with their customers. If you are not making eye contact, how can you connect with the person you are trying to reach? We know it will seem a bit awkward if you are constantly staring at the customer, so it is important to find a middle ground when it comes to making eye contact. You need to make just enough eye contact to make the customer feel like there is a connection and you are indeed listening to what he/she is talking about.

Know What You Are Selling

You do not want to be one of those salespeople who talk but have no idea of what they are talking about. You do not want to be just another salesperson; you want to be that salesperson who knows exactly what you are talking about because you know everything there is to know about the products. When you have a break, you should use that time to educate yourself about everything on your lot.

Patience Is A Virtue

When someone wants to purchase a vehicle, they are getting ready to make a major decision. They do not want to be rushed into making this decision. Avoid trying to place pressure on customers because the pressure may become too much for them to handle, which will result in them leaving your dealership.

Being in the auto dealership industry can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding at the end of the day. If you take the right steps, you will find success. Contact us today for auto dealership sales tips.

Author: Pete Maclnnis

Author Bio: Pete brings over 37 years of experience in automotive finance and technology as Founder and CEO of eLEND Solutions.  Founded in 2003 as DealerCentric, eLEND Solutions is an automotive FinTech company specializing in online and in-store digital credit, identity and finance solutions designed to create a more efficient and profitable vehicle purchase process for the retail automotive industry. 

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