6 Ways To Make Your Website More Transactional


Allow shoppers to remain anonymous

Digital retailing is the start of the deal. it's not a generation tool. sell the car. Not the appointment.

Engage in real time

Make it easy for your customers to communicate with you. Basic integrated communication options such as a built-in chat, messaging, email widgets are just the start.


Shopping Cart

Allow consumers to select cars and save them for consideration as they continue to browse.


Provide remote trade-in valuations

Allow the customer to enter in vehicle information and upload videos/photos so that you can give an accurate appraisal.

Show ‘qualified’ payment options

Allow the shopper to view different ‘qualified’ payment options, matched to the consumer’s credit, vehicle of choice and your dealerships’ lender programs.


Highly Visible Call To Action

Make sure your highly visible “Click to Buy” or “Build Your Deal” buttons enable real time price negotiation and deal structuring capabilities.

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