5 Ways to Protect Your Dealership From Identity Fraud Risks


Update your tech

Using an advanced driver license authentication solution significantly upgrades your dealership’s capability to better identify, manage, and avoid fraud risks.

Normalize scanning

A 15-second process change can save 10+ minutes per customer. Even the best technology cannot protect your store if it’s not being used.


Take advantage of identity verification services

In addition to document authentication, identity verification provides a vital service by flagging information that on the surface may seem true, but in reality, is questionable.

Have a Strategy to Identify Suspicious Behavior in the Dealership

Watch for red flag behaviors such as the buyer fixating on one car without looking around. The buyer seems distracted or impatient. The sale is too easy. If you feel uneasy, trust your instinct.


Commit to a ‘fraud prevention’ culture

Have a formalized, compliant, and well-communicated process for validating customer identities, handling questionable information, and suspicious behaviors.

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