5 Tips to Jump Start Sales at Your Dealership

5 Tips to Jump Start Sales at Your Dealership

Superb customer service and a high level of responsiveness are the keys to thriving auto dealership sales. Optimizing sales requires a dealership to build trusted relationships, offer attractive pricing, and provide a pleasant experience for customers. Customers should be treated like future ambassadors for your business, as they could ultimately refer friends and family to your dealership if they are treated properly. Below are 5 tips to help your auto dealership increase sales.  

1) Be accessible and responsive to customer inquiries. Make it easy for customers to receive answers to their questions. Sales representatives will delight customers by promptly responding to inquiries. As a dealership owner, you can offer accessibility and a high level of responsiveness through the following:  

  • Extended hours of operation to accommodate customer’s busy schedules
  • A user-friendly website with the ability to schedule visits or request quotes online
  • Hassle-free payment options and credit applications for customers interested in buying a car  

2) Begin building trust with customers immediately. Sales representatives should strive for transparency when talking to customers. Many people enter an automotive dealership with a skeptical attitude, so you should be as open as possible with customers. Begin by engaging with the customer and be sure to backup your vehicle comments and recommendations with facts or evidence. For instance, if you claim that your price on a certain car is the lowest, run a quick online search with your customer and show him or her the higher pricing offered by competitors.  

3) Remember the importance of pricing and quick, upfront credit and finance decisions.    90% of US buyers are payment buyers.  For today’s shopper, it’s no longer just about price transparency.   It’s about deal transparency.  Make it easy and convenient for shoppers to find the information they are looking for.    Online finance and credit solutions such as Credit Plus that reduce time at the dealership are effective in moving customers through the sales process faster.  But jumpstarting the transaction can only happen if these online retail tools are connected to the actual in-store purchase process.  Today’s shoppers assume these tools will actually save time when they go to buy the car.   Below are some other effective tools that build trust and meet the expectations of today’s automotive shoppers:  

  • Fully-integrated price negotiation, deal structuring and F&I tools
  • Instant trade-in appraisal tools
  • Available incentive and rebate programs
  • F&I product information


4) Educate customers in a friendly way. Regardless of whether customers visit your dealership to purchase a vehicle or to schedule a service visit, you can help your customers become more savvy about buying and maintaining vehicles. For example, rather than simply telling a customer that their filter needs to be replaced, a service agent can actually show the customer his worn filter next to a new filter and explain why the old filter is no longer effective. Other useful tactics include quarterly emails with helpful maintenance tips and proactive calls from dealer representatives when special purchasing opportunities arise.  

5) Make the most of test drives. Kick off a test drive by using a program such as ID Drive that efficiently converts the customer’s scanned driver’s license into a pre-qualification application. The information on the application can be easily exported into your existing finance platform and integrated with credit data.

The best sales representatives also recognize the test drive as an opportunity to gather additional information from customers. This strategy can shave up to an hour off the total time required to close a sale. Mobilot is an example of an electronic platform that can help a sales representative make the most of a customer test drive. Here is how Mobilot functions:

  • A driver’s contact information and credit summary are electronically linked to the details of the vehicle of choice
  • During the test drive, the salesperson gathers additional information about finance preferences and trade-in details
  • This additional information is electronically exported to your CRM and desking platforms
  • Smart loan decision engine enables interactive loan qualifying and deal structuring on the fly.
  • Efficiency is impressively optimized and customer satisfaction rises, increasing closing ratios  

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about increasing sales at your dealership.  Our team of product advisors can specializes in optimizing efficiency for automotive dealerships of all sizes.   We look forward to hearing from you!


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