The 3 things every car buyer wishes auto dealers knew

When you work in the world of car sales, it is imperative to consistently brush up on new ways to improve the car buying experience for the shopper.

Taking the time to research new techniques is important and beneficial for you, the entire dealership, and the person buying the car. But all of the research in the world won’t help you if you can’t hear what the car buyer is trying to tell you.

In this post, we will take a look at three things every car buyer wishes auto dealerships not only knew, but implemented into their selling strategy.

  1. Don’t put on a show. People are incredibly good at reading body language and gleaning a sense of whether or not someone is being genuine with them. Car salesmen have a reputation for being disingenuous, which is why it is important to make it clear that you are someone they can have an open and honest dialogue with regarding their vehicle needs and the budget they are working with.  
  2. Speak concisely. Obviously a car buyer does not want to be spoken to like a child or in a condescending tone. At the other end of the spectrum, they don’t want to deal with a car salesman who uses flowery, complicated, and most importantly, useless jargon. When you don’t provide clear and concise information in plain language that anyone can understand, a car buyer can begin to feel as though you are trying to hide something behind your language. Make communication between you and the car buyer seamless, open, and effective.
  3. “If I feel boxed in, I won’t want to buy.” The minute a car salesman starts to apply noticeable pressure to someone shopping for a vehicle is the minute that potential buyer will back off. No one wants to feel pressured or boxed in to buy — or do — anything, no matter what it is. Pushy salespeople develop not just a bad reputation for themselves, but for all salespeople. With that said, there is a difference between pushing a potential car buyer and creating a sense of urgency. Urgency and pressure are two separate things. Urgency can lead to a healthy sense of pressure: A self-imposed pressure. If you casually mention to a potential buyer something that sends of signal in their brain that they should come to a decision soon, increases the chance that they will buy right then and there — or soon after.

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Author: Pete Maclnnis

Author Bio: Pete brings over 37 years of experience in automotive finance and technology as Founder and CEO of eLEND Solutions.  Founded in 2003 as DealerCentric, eLEND Solutions is an automotive FinTech company specializing in online and in-store digital credit, identity and finance solutions designed to create a more efficient and profitable vehicle purchase process for the retail automotive industry. 

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