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What Our Customers are Saying


“Time kills deals.  Filling out paper credit applications just to have to enter them later in the computer to submit to the bank is grossly inefficient.  For these reasons and more, CreditPlus has become an integral part of our buying solution.”

Jupiter Chevrolet
Garland, TX

benny boyd dealership

”ID Drive™ and our new “it must be scanned” process means far more leads are getting captured and worked. And for our dealerships It’s been HUGE: it’s led directly to a 10% increase in sales – or, about 50 incremental car sales a month.”

benny boyd logo

Benny Boyd Automotive
Lampasas, TX

Genes CDJR-01

“We incorporated the Showroom App into our ‘write-up’ process and its worked GREAT!!  It’s an easy, fluid process and a much more efficient way of handling the customer application. I highly recommend it!”


Gene’s CDJR
Fairbanks, AK

What Sets Us Apart


  • 130+ years combined leadership experience in automotive, finance and technology

  • We’ve processed millions of credit apps for thousands of dealers

  • Specialized in high performing digital credit ‘lead conversion’ solutions

  • Certified partner with all Credit Repositories

  • Access to full credit file, certified to store and able to parse

  • U.S. Patent for Computer Implemented Finance Management Routing System


  • Rules-based finance decision engine enabling penny-perfect, lender fundable deal structuring - online or in-store, prior to the F&I handoff

  • All options are matched to full credit spectrum loan programs

  • Engine accommodates a limitless number of lenders, programs, parameters, rules, guidelines and credit tiers

  • Hybrid digital finance platform includes direct integrations with CRM platforms and Finance/Desking Tools

  • Industry neutral, open architecture includes real time API interfaces and robust bi-lateral integrations


  • Advanced credit filtering and calculation logic for all makes, all models, new and used, all terms and all credit tiers.

  • Combined vehicle (down to the Model ID #) and Consumer (full credit file) qualified lease or finance rate, term and payment quoting

  • All rates and residuals are matched to credit tier bands.

  • Includes all incentives (including compatibility and stack-ability rules)

  • Includes all taxes tied to the jurisdiction, dealer specific fee structures - and dealer participation.

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