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The best retail strategies leverage technologies and processes to fully integrate the front-end (Sales) and back-end (Finance) to create an F&I experience that benefits the dealership and the customer. MobiLotTM enables this synergy.

The MobiLotTM web-based platform offers integrated, interactive price negotiation and deal making tools including trade information, available incentives and finance & lease payment options. The tablet or smartphone enabled selling process invites participation in the process, eliminating disengaged wait time at the dealership, increasing closing ratio’s and customer satisfaction.

Real time integrations with DT, RO and all major CRM’s allows the desk complete visibility into deals in progress. By starting Sales and Finance together at the front on the process, deals can be structured more profitably and finance penetration increases. The negotiation really becomes a confirmation of what’s already been agreed to and the customer is seamlessly transitioned to F&I.

If you are ready to evolve to the future of automotive retailing, MobiLotTM will help you sell the way your customers want to buy.

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Product Tour

Always Be Working the Deal

How it Works:

  • Showrooming function provides vehicle features and data specs for every car on your lot
  • Trade-In module interfaces with vehicle valuation guides returning wholesale values
  • OEM incentive and other customer cash program details are included
  • “Smart" loan decision engine enables interactive loan qualifying and deal structuring on the fly
  • Real-time communication between the desk and sales person
  • Direct integrations with DealerTrack, RouteOne and all major CRM platforms
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Product Tour

How you Benefit

The Transformed Process

  • Works on all Android, Mac and Windows smartphones and tablets
  • Condenses the transaction and simplifies the negotiation
  • Increases finance penetration and deal gross
  • Reduces the customer’s transition time from Sales to F&I
  • Reduces the time the customer spends in F&I.
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Sells more cars in less time
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Product Tour

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