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Most would agree that increasing customer satisfaction closely correlates with an increase in sales and profits. And any opportunity to simplify the process will correlate to a more positive customer experience.

Within 60 seconds, ID Drive’s technology replaces several manual, time consuming steps in the process. – shaving 60 minutes or more off average transaction times.

  • • Gathering the customers information
  • • Logging the information into your CRM
  • • DL Photocopying
  • • Filling out paper-based credit applications
  • • Data re-entry into your CRM, DMS or Finance platforms

If you are ready to provide a more seamless customer experience, eliminate process bottlenecks and customer wait time, ID Drive provides a simple and consistent solution that condenses the transaction and helps close more deals in less time.

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Ultimate Efficiency

In less than 1 minute, ID Drive:

  1. Authenticates the driver license document
  2. Verifies important information fields including name, address and DOB
  3. Enriches the lead with validated address and cell phone information
  4. Converts a DL scan into a consumer consented pre-qualification with no SSN requirement
  5. Integrates the captured information with any pre-existing lead record or credit app
  6. Exports the purified information into your CRM and Finance platforms
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How You Benefit

Advantages for your Store

  • Ensures you capture and work so many more, often missed, in-store leads
  • Earlier and faster pre-qualification increases finance penetration and improves closing ratio’s
  • Accurate and fast data entry reduces contracting errors and customer ’alone’ time
  • Integrations with all major CRM’s, DT and RouteOne eliminates rekeying duplications
  • Eliminates identify fraud and greatly reduces the risk of stolen vehicles
  • More leads to work and higher closing ratio’s directly leads to sales increases
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Unmatched Results

Based on case study results and known customer averages.


Minute Reduction in Average Transaction Times*


Closing Ratios*


Gross Profit Increase
per Car Sold*


Increase in CSI

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  • Features:
  • Authenticates the Driver License document
    • Unlimited Driver License Scans
  • Extracted information is de-duped and integrated any existing lead record
  • Exports captured information into your CRM platform
  • Consumer Privacy Law Compliant
  • Robust activity reporting
  • Money back performance guarantee



  • All CORE Features plus:
  • Converts a DL scan into a consumer consented pre-qualification
  • NO SSN required
    • No Impact on Customers Credit
  • Includes FULL credit report and 100% accurate, real-time FICO score
  • Lower transaction costs: $1.50 per pull
  • Simplified compliance requirements:
    • No Credit Score Notice required
    • Risk Based Pricing Notice not required
    • Firm Off of Credit not required
    • No Adverse Action requirment
  • Compliance cost savings
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  • All CORE Features plus:
  • Verifies extracted DL information including name, address and DOB
  • Matches or adds validated address to the lead file
  • Appends validated mobile phone number to the lead file
  • Compares consumers input data against OFAC lists

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