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CreditPlus Product Tour


eLEND Solutions, the pioneer of interactive credit applications, is the leader in delivering the best performing and most secure online and in-store credit pre-approval or pre-qualification solutions in the automotive industry.

CreditPlus is more than a credit solution. It is also a finance solution. Why should this matter to you? Because 90% of US car buyers are payment buyers. An easy, seamless experience for your customers should start online because that's where they're making their buying decisions. The more customers know, the more comfortable they are. The more comfortable they are, they more likely they are to buy.

In addition to instant credit decisions, the CreditPlus ‘Pick My Payment’ program INSTANTLY matches the buyer’s credit profile and vehicle of choice to real finance terms from dealership financing sources - jumpstarting the buying process - all before your shopper has visited your store or started the test drive.

If you are ready to start sales and finance together online, or prefer to evolve at your own pace with ‘credit only’ solutions, we have the right program to meet your needs.

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CreditPlus Product Tour

Ultimate Flexibility

  • Instant access to credit reports from all (3) credit repositories and all credit resellers.
  • User experience is optimized for any screen size and all browsers
  • Includes choice of hard-pull or soft-pull solutions
  • Plugs into any website
  • Direct integrations with all major CRM platforms, DealerTrack and RouteOne
  • Supports a limitless number of lenders and lender loan terms, rules, etc.
  • Calculated payments can include all fees, charges, tax, title - and dealer reserve
  • Can be used online. Or in the Showroom.
  • Month to month contract. No Annual Subscription Requred.
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CreditPlus Product Tour

Ultimate Control

  • You control all credit and finance filters
  • You control all payment terms presented to your shoppers
  • Calculated payments can include all fees, charges, tax, title - and dealer reserve
  • Customizable branding including color selection and choice of optional fields
  • Embedded chat, email and text tools drive engagement
  • Full suite of compliance tools helps minimize expensive non-compliance risks
  • Includes the highest information security certification available

CreditPlus Product Tour

Ultimate Results

Comparative Case study of over 1,000 dealership websites and known customer averages.


Conversion compared to long-form applications

Source: Study

Average Monthly Submitted Credit Applications

Source: Internal Data

*Intended Dealer*
Closing Ratios

Source: IHS Global Insights Study, Sales Match Analysis

Average Cost per Car Sold

Source: Internal Data

CreditPlus Product Tour



  • Hard Pull
  • Instant pre-approval decisions
  • Mobile responsive
  • In-App Communication Tools
  • Dealer controlled credit filters
  • Direct integrations with your CRM & Finance platforms
  • Full suite of compliance tools
  • Highest level of information security certification available



Core Plus:

  • Consumer consented, soft-pull inquiry with no impact to customers credit.
  • Full credit report and real-time FICO score
  • Lower transaction costs: $1.50 per pull
  • Simplified compliance requirements
    • No Credit Score Disclosures
    • No Risk Based Pricing
    • No Adverse Action


Pick your Payment

Enhanced Plus:

  • Instant, pre-qualified, 1st pencil finance terms matched to dealers' lender programs
  • Dealer controlled finance filters and presented payment terms.
  • Configurable payment terms can include dealer markup, doc fees, service contracts, etc.
  • Decision engine supports a limitless number of lenders, lender loan terms, rules and program guidelines

CreditPlus Product Tour

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