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  • 10.31.2014 |
    Eliminating Dealer Reserve: What Would the Sales & Financing Process Look Like?

    New custom analysis from IHS Automotive shows signs that moving financing process up front is already reaping significant benefits and ROI for dealers Proposed regulations by the CFPB have caused panic in the industry as dealers focus primarily on the potential negative impact to their bottom lines. The biggest concern being that the regulations will […]

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  • 09.09.2014 |
    A Wake-up Call on ID Fraud Leads to More Sales

    Benny Boyd Auto Group lost four vehicles to ID fraud. But by adopting a tiny, powerful ID scanner, and a new ‘MUST SCAN-IT PROCESS”, he not only shut down fake-ID scams, he increased sales 10% storewide. Have you ever had a vehicle bought (and hence, stolen) with a fraudulent ID? Lost a vehicle to a […]

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  • 07.09.2014 |
    If the CFPB Axes Dealer Reserve – How Would the Sales & Financing Process Change?

    Let’s Shut Out the Noise – and Think Logically About What a Post-Reserve Processes Would Look Like – and Why The CFPB is pressuring to eliminate dealer finance participation, and wants lenders to move to flat fee payments to prevent potential discriminatory lending. Hardly a newsflash. But over this last year of very loud saber […]

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